Thursday, February 3, 2011

New ECU... P73-003 ITR in B18C GSR

Got my stuff from PJ...

No sticker/label available
*this is rechip obd2 ecu;
vtec on at 5200rpm
no rev cut...

comparison P72-013 & P73-003 Ecu

put in the socket to the ecu

this is the video for the first start up using b18cR ecu into b18c gsr engine

my rev limit has been increased hehehe... (rev limit for GSR about 8200rpm only)

Result : great ecu for gsr upgrade , you can feel the response from 3000 rpm until 8200rpm (keeping my rev limit below 8400rpm due to stock GSR valve spring) very2 noticeable from std gsr ecu, however due to the diff of internal design between GSR & Type R (mine using p73 oversize piston combo with b16b camshaft and converted to skunk2 intake manifold) the response from idle until 3000rpm a bit heavy (but still acceptable) compare to std p72 ecu. (this can be solved by fine tuning Air Fuel using my vafc). I will review back after made some fine tuning.

check this out!!

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din said...

bro, ni ecu ape? 0bd1 ke obd2? mcm ne ecu obd2 bleh rechip?