Monday, January 10, 2011

B-Series Camshaft with Adj. Campulley

Info on B-Series Camshaft..

Following cam measured with 0mm of lift:

Civic Si(1999 Spec) - B16A
Int-265 dur. / 10.5mm lift
Exh-267 dur. / 9.6mm lift

Integra GS-R - B18C
Int-274 dur. / 10.7mm lift
Exh-276 dur. / 9.6mm lift

Civic Type-R And Integra Type-R(Integra Type R 2000/01 Spec)
Int-278 dur. / 11.5mm lift
Exh-280 dur. / 10.5mm lift
Valve Springs to be used: Stock B16A/GSR if using stock 8200 re-limit. Integra Type-R if using rev limit over 8200rpms. Mugen Valve Springs can also be used.
Description: These are great, reliable cams for the money. You can pick up a set for as little as $550.00 new if you are lucky! They will give good gains from mid range all the way until 8400rpms. These cams have stock idle characteristics.

titanium retainer
valve spring
(thanks to syakir for this item)

adjustable campulley

The next step is ON....

open the head cover

take out the camshaft

put in back camshaft

install the adjustable campulley

preparing for cam dial tuning using iskanderian racing cam degree, not sure the name hehehe ;P

Result :

Immediate respon can be feel from midrange untill redline. even without fine tune with vafc. very noticeable. (and yeah its only OEM Honda Type R b16b camshaft)...

keep my shift point stock as i'm still using std gsr valve spring & retainer. ;(

Friday, January 7, 2011

Servis batuan & Pembuang Speed Cut

Pembuang speed cut... Pivot Speed Meter. Thanks to taufik SIC utk brg nie. hehehe. Barulah jarum meter leh menyembah ke bumi hehehehe....

Tap wiring dr ECU

std ECU P72

tukar spark plug denso iridium IK22 (suitable for high compression)

minyak hitam Motul 6100 synergie 10w40