Thursday, April 8, 2010

JDM Civic EK4/EK9 Type R Air Vent Pocket Dark Grey

Genuine JDM EK Air Vent and Pocket. This is the dark grey one so it will match your 96-00 dark grey interiors. Comes exactly as shown on picture below. Made in Japan by Honda is is found on all EKs including the Civic EK9 Type R.

*taken from

Jalan2 ke halfcut sempena kerja malam. Dan terjumpa yg ini..

Air vent pocket EK4 ambil dr dashboard kelabu

lepas cuci bersih2

Selepas pasang.

*dashboard dh usang dh. tunggu masa je

harga : rm20

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

EK4 Spec 2000 Door Step Covers

Rare ek4 Si door steps covers with limited door sills attached

a rare item, normally ek4 door step doesn't have civic logo at door step.
TQ to Lan @ zal4105 for this item

*pic taken from hikaru EKD .

Updated 29 May 2010

Installation Process

actual item (9pcs including rear trunk cover)

civic door sills

After complete installation... tiring process. Easy to work with after you take out the front seat... the carpet will go. I'll update later.

Monday, April 5, 2010

EK4 Rear Spoiler & Vi-RS Door Trim

Updated Item..

Vi-RS Black Door Trim with M2L3 Rear Glass

Below is the EJ door trim taken out from my cockpit

Grey Door Trim with M213 Rear Glass

EK4 Rear Spoiler (Original)

This rear spoiler cost more than rm500 in market. Last 2 year cost almost rm900!!

After install at my car

Notice the color different.

credit to : bro lan mugen

Friday, April 2, 2010

Honda Civic EK5 Rear Windscreen With Wiper

Honda Civic EK5 Rear Windscreen With Wiper. Yes this is from RTI the chassis # is EK5 and it has a D16A Engine with 4WD. Windscreen come with M2H3 Code mean that more greenish compare to M2I3 EK4 windscreen (only 2 model come with rear wiper which is 4drs EK4 Ferio Si and Ferio EK5 Rti 4WD) , quite a rare item in Malaysian Halfcut Premises. Thanks to my buddy from EKD Lan (Zal4105) or NiCeNeM for scouting this piece of glass.

How to compare? Simple... This 2 model got different colour of speaker board. EK4 come with black speaker board meanwhile EK5 dark grey Speaker board (hopefully match well with my EK4 dark grey pillar hehehe)

EK5 with dark grey speaker board (M2H3 Glass Code)

EK4 black Speakerboard (M2I3 Glass Code)

I'll update with picture and installation process later.