Sunday, June 27, 2010

SPOON Tail Silencer - Street Type

The SPOON Tail Silencer - Street Type was developed and used on Spoon's race vehicles and is the ideal muffler for circuit enthusiasts. The Tail Silencer provides significantly improved exhaust flow and can be used with the standard b-pipe as it uses standard style flanges.In addition, the Street muffler is really light, weighing only 6.5kg, a whole kilo lighter than the stock weight.

Product: Tail Silencer -Street Type
Sound: 90dB
Average Weight (kg): 7.0 (OEM 8.5)
Average Tail Pipe Diameter: 75mm (FD2 95mm)

*Mine SPOON Sport Street Type taken from the Gen 1 Street Type which is doesn't come with the SPOON Sport tag. Refer below catalog.


*this muffler taken from Integra DB6, plug and play to EK std piping


Rear view with SPOON bumper sticker... ;P

credit to : bro syakir SME