Sunday, February 27, 2011

Clutch Failure , new Exedy Racing Clutch for B-Series


I got this problem while driving my car especially when to disengage clutch at 1st gear, I got this jerking & shaking and the most noticeable thing is my gear change is not smooth as usual. Worst is when I want to change gear at high speed, cannot shift at all!!

So, set time with my foremen. Check and change clutch pump rubber (top one not at the gearbox) which is seen to be leaking. After a few test, still my gear cant be shift. Now the problem even worst!

So, I take my car for full checking which is bring down the gearbox, suspected clutch plate got problem. Meanwhile, I already bought one set of this thing...

Exedy Racing Clutch 3 puck for B-Series (RM950)

Saturday (26/02/2011)

Sent my car to my foremen, and together we bring down the gearbox and have a nice look at the gearbox...

S80 GSR Gearbox without LSD

Greenish thick oil. Shockproof redline oil!

This is the problem. Notice? NO? OK how about close up..

one of the supporter of the clutch plate spring broken...

Then, get new clutch bearing and ready to put back in the gearbox..



Result :
Up: smooth gear change and good grip.... !
Down : clutch feel abit heavier but still acceptable (even my wife can drive it ;P ) .
Hard shaking and jerking after release the clutch, need to rev abit higher to get it going. Hopefully this problem will fade a little bit as the clutch surface is fully contact with the flywheel..

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