Saturday, April 16, 2011

Heat : Aluminium Radiator


Long time no update with my machine. Main reason is because im now working on my wife machine (jeng je jenggg)... enjoy pic below..

front bumper... L200 Moderno

rear part... come with Moderno tailgate, bumper with mudflap & spoiler

Front view

side view...

side skirt 03' kancil

rear view

rear bumper with mudflap

the wheel.....!

wait the final look of this project~! Pinky you.....

Heat Management.....

Double layered Aluminium Radiator

DEi Radiator Relief Additive

Latest engine look

plan to spray my air filter with black colour or maybe repaint my head cover to white... ermmm


Blogging for future said...

perghh xjadi la eh main L5..main moderno pon orait gak tue mier..erm kalau nk cung kan bonet cari bonet skup pastu spoiler amk spoiler limited..hehe..bumper carik yg ada spotlite..ngaa rachung2..

Anonymous said...

thanks bro for the advice.especially pasal adjustable. hehe